Daydream Believer

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Hey Mike Trout, Simon Says make an awesome catch.


best one ever made.

Ninja Trout.

I Can’t Think of Anyone Else I’d Rather…

…get stuck in a stairwell in the Aria for several hours, with just an empty bottle of Goldschlager, waiting for someone to find us.

…spend an entire day in Vegas in our hotel room just drinking and talking and making out…in no particular order.

…get blacked out drunk with and lose our phones in Vegas together.

…eat pizza “Lady & the Tramp” style and just sitting there staring into each other’s eyes.

…go on a drunk search around the strip for our phones at 4 in the morning.

…sit in the back seat of a car and just chill and listen to country music.

…play beach volleyball with.

…go exploring the Long Beach port with.

…stay up late kissing until we fall asleep together.


not sure how to feel about this one…

I didnt fall for you, you fucking tripped me.


Because while your lips are on mine
I like to take peeks
To see your eyes closed
A smile on your cheeks

I do not think
There is anything better
Than embarking with you
On this breathless adventure